Cora Bauer, Journalist


This wonderful, beautiful place we call home

I bet no one can imagine living anywhere but here

Earth does so much good for us, but we need to do good back for it

Earth won’t be able to clean the air and give us oxygen we can breathe if we don’t care for the trees

It won’t give us grass to relax on if we keep building on it

Earth won’t give us animals and creatures to learn and appreciate if we keep destroying their home

We have to stand up for our planet, our home, the animals, and places we love

We have to stand up for what we know is the right thing for everyone

No one can do it alone, though

We have to beautify the Earth together

Reuse as much as possible

Recycle everything you can

Reduce the waste

Pick up trash

Plant a tree

Use recycled materials often

Donate to animal societies

Leave a site better than you found it

Visit the wonders of the world

All these things may seem like nothing

But when we are constantly doing them

The beauty will grow and animals will thrive and remain with us

Let us live our lives, knowing where we live

Let us also remember what the Earth does and what our part is in beautifying it