Mr. Fremo Takes Interim Assistant Principal Position


Amelia Broman

“Why is it called a handbook if it doesn’t fit in your hand?” Some questions don’t need to be asked. But Mr. Fremo, in his new position as interim assistant principal, wants to make sure that students feel free to ask anything.

Last summer, Saint John’s Prep was left without an assistant principal when Mr. Menard announced he was taking another job. When offered the position, Mr. Fremo decided it would be difficult for someone unfamiliar with the school to be effective. So this year, instead of teaching theology, he has taken responsibility for community formation, discipline, and leadership assistance.

Mr. Fremo was concerned he would miss out on interactions with students while teaching only IB Philosophy this year. He is pleasantly surprised to find himself interacting with more students in new ways, outside of the classroom. He believes his role is to advocate for the freedom of students to take charge of their academic lives and carve a path for themselves. He wants to maintain what has been successful in previous years, while also working with Mr. Reichert for more transparency and efficiency. “It’s easy to get lost in the mundane details of specific tasks and lose sight of the big picture,” he says. “I always start with the big picture.” For Saint John’s Prep, he believes the big picture is for students to learn and develop as people.

He believes his role is to advocate for the freedom of students to take charge of their academic lives and carve a path for themselves.”

Mr. Fremo tells a story about an experience with his high school English teacher. She noticed he was engaged and fascinated by a class activity one day, and called him in after class. She told him he should become a teacher because of his ability to listen and engage. “The most important part of a teacher,” she said, “is not his mouth, but his ears.” Between then and now, Mr. Fremo has worked as a musician, creative marketing director, video rental store manager, and campus minister. None of the careers were as fulfilling to him as education, where he can recieve insight about students and share it with them. His new role fits him well because he is creative, adaptable, and loves to solve human problems. Mr. Fremo would never have imagined himself in this position when he first started at Saint John’s, but for this year at least, it is the place he can contribute the most, and he is ready to embrace that with optimism.