Freestyle Skier Taking on New Slopes

Isaac Fromm is a freshman who joined us this year. When asked why he chose Saint John’s Prep he said, “I chose Prep because there are so many great opportunities and Prep teaches differently and I like that.” So far Isaac’s favorite class is Theology.

His hero is Albert Einstein.”

Isaac is in soccer and the SJU climbing club along with being a sponsored freestyle skier. Some of his hobbies include playing the violin, which he has been doing for 11 years, and solving a Rubik’s Cube in only 26 seconds. His favorite color is teal, and his favorite food is fruit of any kind. He loves the song “Anagram” by Young the Giant, and he loves music in general. His favorite book is The Mouse and the Motorcycle. Isaac is afraid of snakes and is allergic to corn. His hero is Albert Einstein.

Please welcome Isaac to Saint John’s Preparatory School!