Mahnhattan to Minnesota

Elise Miller

A new sophomore this year is Hallela Hinton-Williams. Hallela was born in Manhattan, NY and moved to Collegeville, Minnesota this summer. She decided to come to Saint John’s because she liked the classes and clubs.

I like learning about the past and how people who are inspiring were inspired.”


Hallela is in the Prep Post and Writing Club, as well as girls’ beginners’ tennis. Another hobby of hers is playing guitar, which she has been doing for the past four years.

Her favorite color is maroon, and her favorite class is World History because “I like learning about the past and how people who are inspiring were inspired.” Her favorite television show is Psych. The only pets she has owned are fish. She remembers that once one of the fish jumped out of the fish tank, but luckily they noticed in time. Hallela’s favorite book series is The Mortal Instruments. Her favorite food is pad thai, and she loves to read and write, but is scared of caterpillars.

Give Hallela a great Prep welcome!