iPads for Education, Not Entertainment

iPads for Education, Not Entertainment


Chan Woong Joo

Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep

When I pressed the snooze button, it was too late for me to go to back to sleep again. Feeling bleary, I grabbed my shower basket and headed to bathroom with my phone in my pocket. Then I turned on my favorite music and started to get ready for another school day.

Electronics have enhanced the quality of our everyday life with their portability and usefulness, and because of this, they have become a necessity for many people in 21st century. It is getting harder to find a place that does not have electronics, whether they are as small as cell phones or big as desktops.

[T]this year the regulations have been refined to improve.”

Last school year, Saint John’s Prep extended the use of electronics as a means of education. The school adopted the iPad as a way for students to access textbooks and documents, check email, and use the Internet. “It has been so successful,” says assistant principal Mr. David Fremo about the iPad program. “I love the way teachers, students and faculty have a new way of learning, not bounded by the traditional way of education.” He also appreciates that everybody in the school, without exception, has the device. Had iPads been issued only to upper school students, the approach to learning would have been uneven throughout the school.

Yet, use of the iPad needs to be regulated for everybody to benefit from it. This year, the school set a regulation that middle school students can download educational applications only. It also recommends that middle school students have no video games and social media. High school students have no explicit prohibition for downloading applications. This does not, however, give them permission to use their iPads to play games during class or access inappropriate websites. As a private preparatory school, Saint John’s Prep expects students to be responsible and mature. Students should take care of their iPads and be responsible for what they do as young adults.

Our school had a great vision with the adoption of the iPad program last year, and this year the regulations have been refined to improve.