A Little Help From a Friend

Sydney Lo

One month into the school year, and already the pace of life has quickened within the halls of Prep. The ipads are filling with notability worksheets, as the hours of free time are being filled with homework. Not only that, but the first grading period looms on the horizon, as do the parent teacher conferences and upcoming tests or quizzes. With this in mind, here are some tips and advice that have helped me with my own academic journey. ​They may not work for everyone, but hopefully they will give you some ideas for your own study habits.
For Note Taking:
-Make a review sheet of your own notes. It may be tedious, but it will help you weed out the information that is most important.
-Use bullet points and break up subjects so as to not overwhelm yourself with overly dense knowledge.
-Colors stimulate the brain. For note taking, this means use markers and colored pens to draw your eyes to pivotal facts.
-Draw diagrams or sketches so you can see facts in a more entertaining and memorable way.
For Maximizing Efficiency:
-Don’t multitask. It may seem like nothing, but playing youtube videos or distracting music while writing that paper cripples your ability to think clearly.
-Take breaks. It’s important not to fry your brain and allow yourself to breathe. However, do not take breaks that last longer than the time you are actually working.
– Clean out your backpack or clean up your room. Yes, it may take time away from your work, but it could be causing extra stress that you don’t need.
– Keep a planner or a to do list. Yes, it’s possible to just remember everything that was assigned during the school day, but it poses a risk that you might forget something. That something could be the difference between an A and a B, depending on its importance.
For Studying:
-Quiz yourself constantly. You’ll find out how much you actually remember, and how much you don’t. Plus, it partially simulates what the actual test or quiz will be like.
-Seek advice from teachers. No, don’t just ask what will be on the test. Instead, focus on things that confuse you, or simply go in to go over what the unit your studying is about. Ask questions.
-Look online for study aids. The Internet does have a wide variety of student help, including quizzes, free worksheets, and practice tests. Just remember to be wary of the information they’re giving.

Good Luck this year!

Take breaks. It’s important not to fry your brain and allow yourself to breathe.”

— Sydney Lo