If Braveheart Couldn’t, Who can?

The Scottish Fight for Independence

Regan Mies

“FREEEDOMMM!” Braveheart fans and Scottish history enthusiasts recognize William Wallace’s dying cry for Scottish independence at the brutal hands of the English royalty. We know that—no matter the bloodshed—the outcome was undeniably against Scotsmen ruling themselves.

From the cries of Wallace in 1305 to the current fight for independence, nothing has changed, except for the bloodshed, of course. Earlier this week, after a long day of voting, and a tedious process of physically counting each ballot, it was declared that Scotland will continue to be a part of Great Britain. This declaration was made with only a 10% margin of difference. This came as a shock to many, and a wonderful relief for others in Scotland.

If we look on the bright side: Now Daniel Craig’s James Bond doesn’t have to worry about emigrating to England in order to stay hooked up with his MI6 job, right?