If I Stay: Movie Review

Hallela Hinton-Williams

If I Stay is a heart touching storyreleased on August 22, 2014. It is based on the book by Gayle Forman.  The movie follows Mia Hall, a teenage girl whose biggest choice was choosing between her boyfriend and Julliard. That all changes after a fatal car accident. Boyfriends and Julliard seem trivial as she is faced with the choice of  life or death.  The movie focuses on her journey in her comatose state and flashbacks on her life i.e. conflicts she has dealt with, her childhood, etc.

By going through Mia’s flashbacks and watching her life unfold it gives a real sense to what and who influences her choice. Each of Mia’s life choices and experiences are presented either during the flashbacks or the emergency room itself.  They all influence her choice and make it possible for the viewer to understand her decision.

Another factor to acknowledge when reviewing a movie is its adaption from the original print format. The book was represented very well in this movie.  The plot was all there, most of the dynamics between characters stayed the same  and although there were scene changes it worked well with the movie I’m glad to say that this movie adaptation was a success.

Overall, If I Stay was a great movie.  It represented the book well, gave the viewer a full backstory and an deep understanding of the main character.  It also left the viewers intrigued at the end.  By the end of the movie Mia has made her choice but the consequences of it has not been seen.  The book has a sequel to it, Where She Went, which leaves the option open for another movie.