Jazz Night

Noelle Buehrer

April 20, 2019

A Prep tradition was carried on this past April 14th when the jazz band performed Jazz NIght at Fisher's Club. For those unfamiliar with the event, every year the jazz band gets their moment in the spotlight and plays the songs...

Mary Poppins: Tech Week Struggles + Review

Tori Grandy and George Vedder

April 16, 2019

As tech week approached, the students involved in all aspects of Mary Poppins were getting ready to put on a magic filled performance with the usual pains of tech week, the costumes, the makeup and so forth. While the chaos of...

Update on Track

Cambel Shepherd

March 28, 2019

Track has been off to a good start over these past weeks and  athletes spent time getting ready for the time trials on Friday which went very well for Prep. The meet wrapped up with some strong finishes from both the girls’ and boys’ relay teams. With Mary...

Pi Day Celebrated

Nora Miller

March 28, 2019

On March 14th, only one thought consumes the minds of the middle schoolers. Pi Day has come. If they have chosen to participate in the annual Pi off, the preparation leading up to their big moment requires lots of time and memorization...

Solo Ensemble Contest

March 10, 2019

Interim in Italy

February 25, 2019

The Barn Dance

The Barn Dance

February 25, 2019

Construction at Prep

Megan Mahowald

February 21, 2019

Based on the racket coming from the lowest level of the Prep school you, and probably the rest of Collegeville, may have noticed a construction project underway. Using some super ninja skills, I was able to swipe the blueprints...

Mock Trial Team

Mock Trial Team

February 11, 2019

Mental Health Presentations Interviews

Victoria Rademacher and Nora Miller

November 29, 2018

As the month of October came to a close, so did our busy month of presentations surrounding the topic of mental health. With many thoughts about the presentations, we began to wonder, what did other people in our school think of...

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